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on Friday the third of October, 2014 i had been walking through the woods of Cfartha park in Merthyr Tydfil, when i got back to my car i decided to pray the sorrowful mysteries of the holy rosary. when i had completed the prayers i decided to take a photograph using my mobile phone camera.When the photograph was viewed side on i was able to see our Lord being nailed to the cross. the image has taken shape in the clouds, Jesus can be seen with left hand out stretched,and looking directly at you. He has been stripped of his garments and a figure can be seen in the darkness with arm raised ready to strike a nail into his right hand . Darkness is descending as he is being nailed. hope you are able to discern the image shown! The image is in the western sky.



Australian bush fire.

Australian bush fire.

Two men with large beards can be seen looking down from the clouds at a figure below. The figure below has his back to them and is looking up into the heavens.


French nuclear bomb test 1969.

French nuclear bomb test 1969.

The virgin Mary can be seen to the left within the mushroom cloud, and in the centre appears our Lord on the cross. This must be a dire warning for mankind to make peace.


cloud angel and trumpet

cloud angel and trumpetI spotted this unusual cloud which was in the western sky, hope it’s not the last trumpet call for the west!

My father, Gwyn and brother Percy,Abercynon colliery, Oct 1945.

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Padre Pio and the Blessed Mother.

Padre Pio and the Blessed Mother.

I was reading a book on Padre Pio, and came across this photograph of him. A close look at this wonderful photograph reveals our Blessed Mother, just above his left shoulder. Her eyes are closed, a bright light appears over her head. The sequins on his vestments also take the form of rosary beads emanating from her lips.


Our Lord’s face appears miraculously

Our Lord's face appears miraculously

Photograph taken of the stone cross on Mount Krizevac. The resulting photograph revealed our Lord (beaten and bruised).